Choosing your liferaft

Making a safe decision

Your liferaft is one of the most important pieces of boat equipment onboard

Modern yachts are wonders of reliability. They rarely sink or catch fire. But when they do, the ocean is an inhospitable environment to end up in. So no matter if you’re heading out for a coastal fishing trip, embarking on an open ocean cruising voyage or competing in an offshore sailing race, there is one item of safety equipment that you can’t do without – the liferaft!

Designed to keep the crew off a sunk, capsized, burned or otherwise uninhabitable boat alive until they can be rescued, it’s surely the most important piece of equipment on your vessel that you hope you’ll never use.

But which type and model do you choose? Here are five important things to consider:

  • Coastal sailing or longer open ocean voyages?
  • What climate will you be sailing in?
  • Will there be any children or elderly persons onboard the sailboat?
  • Boat races and regattas will make special demands for the liferaft!
  • Which emergency pack fits my needs?

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