VIKING YouSafe™ Essence Lifejacket

Prod. No.: PV9530

Featuring a compact design and proven in water performance, the VIKING YouSafe™ Essence SOLAS lifejacket is a great basic lifejacket choice for commercial cargo ships, passenger vessels and offshore applications.

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Design features
- Designed to minimize the storage dimensions
- Easy repacking for crew
- Great in-water performance with a main body and
head-support buoyancy panel
- Single front buckle system and a separate
crotch strap ensures swift and easy donning
and a subsequent good fit for the wearer
- Whistle, buddy line and lifting strap included
- Prepared for light (attached or integrated*)
- Option for print, i.e. ”name of vessel, cabin number”



Cover material
Light PU coated polyester

Retro-reflective trim
400 cm retro-reflective trim

Colour options

Dimensions (packed)
Approx. 25 x 30 x 23 cm