VIKING Yachting liferaft features

You get all this with a VIKING RescYouTM liferaft

Yachting liferaft features

(1) The base material of every liferaft is strong, yet flexible, natural rubber
(2) Fluorescent yellow canopy enhances visibility from a greater distance
(3) Two separate buoyancy chambers each capable of supporting maximum number of passengers
(4) Four 55 l. quick filling, weighted ballast bags offer maximum stability and prevent capsizing in heavy seas
(5) SOLAS high-visibility retro-reflective tape on canopy, sides, buoyancy chambers and beneath the liferaft
(6) Internal and external automatic light
(7) Easy slide zippers offer the ability to increase freeboard even when hands are cold
(8) Internal and external lifelines
(9) Rain water collector (on the RescYouTM Pro and RescYouTM Ocean)
(10) Innovative boarding ramp ensures safe and quick embarkation
(11) Large opening allows helicopter evacuation from within
(12) Two openings increase the view of the horizon and provides cross-ventilation

Self-righting ability

Our top model, the RescYou™ Pro liferaft, has self-righting properties ensuring when time matters most, the liferaft is always ready for boarding within seconds with no need to possibly waste precious minutes or experience loss of body heat while attempting to right a life raft.

VIKING yachting liferaft

VIKING Yachting on YouTube

Become a liferaft expert in minutes as VIKING’s Karen Hansen takes you through all the functions, equipment and lifesaving details of a liferaft step by step.

There are a total of 3 educational videos – one for each liferaft in the RescYou™ range.

Further, there are three 3D instructional films about mounting of a VIKING liferaft container.