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Liferaft manuals

How do I install the mounting bracket on deck?
​​​​​​​How to correctly stow the valise?
How do I fit the HRU… and most importantly, how do I deploy and use my liferaft in case of an emergency?

You’ll get all the answers and more in our 'Liferaft User Manual'.

Maintenance, storage and transportation  

Maintaining the installation on-board the vessel
It is recommended to inspect the on-board installation at least weekly. In particular, it should be checked that the lashing strap is tight and that the container is properly secured to the cradle. If the lashing strap is slack or loose, tighten it as necessary. However, inspection intervals should depend on how offen the lashing strap is found to be slack or loose.  

​​​​​​​Maintaining the container
During on-board storage, maintain the container simply by cleaning it with fresh water. Should fresh water and brushing prove to be insufficient, car shampoo may be used. Autopolish may also be used to restore the shining surface. Avoid the use of any chemicals.  

Transportation of container packed liferaft
VIKING recommends that the liferaft con­tainer should be transported in horizontal position. Do not place any other equip­ment near or on top of the container during transport, and make sure that it is placed on a smooth surface to prevent scratching of the container surface.  

Transportation and storage of valise packed liferaft
In principle, the same recommendations apply to the transportation of liferafts in valises (as for container packed liferaft), which must be carried ONLY by the handles primarily to prevent possible damage to the equipment. To avoid excessive wear, store the valise securely so that it does not slide back and forth. Valise packed liferafts are made of fabric and MUST be stowed in a dry and easily accessible location at all times and may NOT be stored near oil products such as diesel/gasoline/petrol etc. Improper stowage may cause damage to the liferaft or its contents.  

Service information
The registration label is located on the container or in the valise pocket, and specifies the date of the next recommended service inspection.  

VIKING safety equipment is supported by a unique global network of 280 authorised servicing stations that work together as a team.  

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