responsible - committed - globally oriented

VIKING is led by the principles of value based management, and we communicate desired behaviours to our employees. We are guided in these behaviours in line with the principles of the UN Global Compact as well as VIKING’s own values.

We also believe that it is VIKING’s responsibility to demostrate itself in a financially responsible manner, ensuring a stable, long-term business via adherence to good commercial practice, process optimization and attentive risk management.

We are Responsible

We act responsibly and reliably when we do our job, we care about the interests of our customers, our employees, the company and the communities in which we live, contributing to a sustainable environment.

We are Committed

We approach our tasks with enthusiasm and we strive to make a difference. We are committed to protecting people and business through continuous improvements in safety.

We are Globally oriented

The world is our home market – we think and act from a global perspective. Our worldwide presence ensures closeness to our customers.