VIKING Yachting RescYou liferaft

liferafts For the serious sailor

- Full of important features and details that make a difference

A VIKING RescYou™ liferaft is full of features important to the serious sailor. We concentrate on details that improve visibility, make boarding and evacuation easier and reduce possible discomforts. When it comes to storage, our flexible valises or high gloss fibreglass containers won’t interfere with your boating experience as both solutions fit easily and elegantly on board yachts of any type and size.

Uncompromising quality and superior safety

Select a VIKING RescYou™ liferaft from a leading expert in maritime safety. Our complete range of yachting liferafts have been specifically developed with an uncompromising and superior quality products using the same processes and high-grade materials as liferafts for passenger and cargo vessels, ensuring sturdy, reliable end products.

discover our RescYouTM range

VIKING on YouTube

Become a liferaft expert in minutes as VIKING’s Karen Hansen takes you through all the functions, equipment and lifesaving details of a liferaft step by step.

There are a total of 3 educational videos – one for each liferaft in the RescYou™ range. Further, there are three 3D instructional films about mounting of a VIKING liferaft container.