Every life matters

When it comes to customer satisfaction, VIKING RescYouTM liferafts are tried to the ultimate measure, which is the ability to protect and save human lives.

Every once in a while, we learn of crews and passengers who have been saved by our products. These are just a few of their stories.

Yachting family in liferaft saved by research ship

A British research ship scrambled to rescue a family of five who had abandoned their sinking yacht in the Atlantic…

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Seven men rescued from 4-person liferaft

Seven Pennsylvania men, crammed into a four-person liferaft, drifted for nearly two days after their sport fishing boat allegedly collided with a whale…

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Fishing family spends 60 hours in liferaft

For more than two days, a family of four took shelter from the cold water and frigid Alaskan climate inside their VIKING liferaft, before eventually rescue arrived...​​​​​​​

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Coast Guard rescues family of six from sinking sailboat

A Coast Guard boat crew responded to the mayday call as a family of six found themselves on board a sinking sailboat…

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