VIKING service

VIKING recommends regular servicing of your liferaft

This will extend the life expectancy of your liferaft - but most importantly it is your guarantee that the liferaft works perfectly in a situation where it can mean the difference between life and death

This is to extend the lifetime of your equipment, but most importantly, to ensure that it’s in perfect working order when you might rely on it to save your life!

VIKING liferaft servicing checklist

  • Receipt and registration of the liferaft
  • Opening the container/valise and dismounting of the inflation system
  • Removal of the liferaft from the container/valise
  • Container shell is cleaned and the fibreglass is repaired if needed
  • Container/valise is relabeled
  • Liferaft is inflated with compressed air
  • Liferaft is pressure tested including a 60 minute working pressure test of the lower buoyancy chamber, upper buoyancy chamber and arch chamber
  • If the liferaft is equipped with an inflatable floor, this is pressure tested, too
  • CO2 cylinder is checked for correct content level
  • Release unit, membrane and knife are tested
  • Exterior inspection of the liferaft
  • Interior inspection of the liferaft
  • Emergency pack is checked and items replaced if expired according to regulations
  • Liferaft equipment is inspected and replaced if needed
  • Liferaft is deflated
  • Inflation systems and high pressure hoses are tested and re-mounted
  • Liferaft log book is completed (proof that the liferaft has been opened and tested)
  • Liferaft is repacked
  • Servicing certificate is issued
  • Full documentation for service is archived acc. to regulations
  • Liferaft is prepared for dispatch
  • Detailed invoice is issued
  • The liferaft is also submitted to specific tests according to international regulations that are required at various intervals, including: